Parenting Skills

Parenting Skills

Feeling less-than-confident and burned out by parenting? Dr. Genevieve Yirenkyi and the team at GY Counseling of Maryland offer counseling to improve your parenting skills and confidence. We’re available in-person in Millersville, Rockville, and Columbia, and online to all of Maryland.

How Counseling Can Help Improve Your Parenting Skills

Parenting is an incredibly rewarding experience, but it’s also a very challenging one. You hold that little baby in your arms when they’re born and imagine all the fun and cuddles you’ll have. It’s hard to imagine that your sweet little angel will one day develop opinions of their own that won’t agree with yours, that they might push back, or that you’ll be at odds in any way. You don’t think about all the things you might both go through individually that can impact your relationship with one another.

And when those things happen, it can leave parents feeling overwhelmed and unsure if they are doing the right thing. It can also leave children feeling angry, insecure, and more. Below, Dr. Yirenkyi and the team at GY Counseling of Maryland share just a few ways that counseling for parenting skills can help.

It Can Help You Address Your Own Issues

There are plenty of parents who didn’t have the best parenting role models during childhood, which can impact how they parent. Additionally, anxiety, depression, and other mental health struggles in parents can play a role. Counseling can help parents address such issues so that they can parent more effectively and more confidently.

It Can Help You Understand Your Child

No two children are the exact same, so no one guidebook can tell you exactly how to raise your child. However, counseling can help you discover who your child really is inside and learn skills to help you be the parent they need.

It Can Improve Communication and Conflict Resolution

You might tell your child 37 times a week that they need to rinse their plate after eating. They might wonder why this is necessary if you’re about to wash dishes anyway. If you don’t explain the reasoning, and they don’t express their confusion, the cycle will typically continue.

Though this is just one example, many parent-child conflicts develop due to a lack of understanding and communication. Developing parenting skills through counseling can help you both learn how to communicate better and how to resolve conflicts effectively and more peacefully.

Let Dr. Yirenkyi and the team at GY Counseling of Maryland help you develop the parenting skills you need and long for. Schedule a virtual appointment anywhere in the state by calling (301) 529-1095.

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